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Once a byphone customer, you can have the confidence of reliability. Our VoIP network architecture is designed with optimum up-time in mind

Three DC’s with bespoke network architecture​

Database driven …

Technology has enabled byphone to be radical in design, compared to traditional Telco platforms.

The emergence of Software defined networking (SDN), and the orchastration tools associated with micro services architecture allowed Voxbit to develop a radically different architecture with some significant end benefits for end users.

This means call flows and dial plans are all kept within the DB, along with call records, call recordings, announcements etc. which has allowed for an engaging GUI to drive the DB. This radical approach leads to greater resilience, little down time and great scope for innovation.

Agnostic phone servers

Providing greater resilience as standard

With byphone’s VoIP platform primarily driven by a database rather than a phone server, this has provided a significant advantage when choosing a phone platform. Our software defined networking allowed us to integrate with numerous phone server platforms. Therefore providing even greater resilience for our VoIP service for both channel partners and end users alike.

Tier 1 SIP Providers

Call Quality valued at platform level

Call quality is often blamed on local networks, and rightly so as they are usually the main culprit. However, that doesn’t stop byphone. We only use tier 1 SIP providers to ensure call quality throughout our network, this includes providers such as BT IPEX, Voxbone and Colt.

Tier 1 Interconnects

The best partners make a difference

Our VoIP platform is reliant on other providers caring about performance as much as we do. That’s why we have a rigorous testing policy and have interconnected in each of our data centres with only the most reliable, efficient providers, for connectivity, back-up, SIP and all other services.

Real time fraud prevention

Over 50 security protocols as standard

Great security has many layers, byphone has been designed with fraud prevention at it’s core. Our real time rating engine provides our end-users with optimum security by monitoring call patterns, credit used, time, and numbers called to name a few.

See what our customers say

“The Call Reporting software has given us so much visibility on our inbound and outbound call stats to help us really understand our business and more importantly what our customers think of us.”
– Gordon Mellon –
Director, Sammy Mellon and Sons Ltd
“With so much uncertainty at the emergence of the pandemic … Byphone very quickly provided me options for remote systems, working alongside our current phone system, giving us peace of mind that we have a contingency plan if we need it.”
– Chris Gilmore –
Jubilee Vets, Practice Manager
“… the Councils reorganised 26 sites, introducing a complete new Inbound Call Routing plan across all sites. byphone sat on top of the existing infrastructure, making the daunting project of implementing the changes easy to manage, while keeping costs down…”
– Shane Moore –
Mid and East Antrim Borough Council, ICT and Digital Services Manager
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