Your Ultimate Guide to VoIP

VoIP stands for “Voice Over IP,” or “Voice Over Internet Protocol,” – but what does that mean? VoIP is a technology that allows you to make calls over the internet.  With our VoIP systems you can make a call on your desk phone, mobile, desktop computer, laptop or tablet, on any internet connected device!  This […]

Guide to Number Porting

When someone changes their phone service provider, they will often want to take their existing telephone numbers with them. This process is known within the telecoms industry as Number Porting. Number Porting works through a series of agreements to port numbers between two providers efficiently from one to the other as either the gaining or losing […]

Byphone Awarded in ‘The Best VoIP Software’ Category at the ITSPA Awards

Through the most challenging year in modern history, byphone is delighted to announce that it hasn’t held us back, in fact it’s spurred us on in abundance. With new feature releases, record-breaking performances and now to top it off, being awarded ‘Highly-Commended’ for the ‘Best VoIP Software’ category in the prestigious ITSPA Awards.  For 3 years, […]

Inclusive handsets: is it the right channel model?

With an already fiercely competitive industry becoming more saturated by the month, we must ask the question, why is the majority selling inclusive handsets? Is this down to the ease of use for an end user making the move to hosted telephony, rather than the core business benefits? No hardware cost, limited install cost and […]

The office is about to change, let’s hope it’s not forever for some of it.

As we return to work over the coming weeks and months, our workplaces are going to feel very different, that’s for sure. As organisations now begin the process of making the workplace safe for our current surroundings, how different could it really be? And more interestingly, will any of it change how we do business […]

byphone Shortlisted for ‘Best Software’ in ITSPA Awards!

We are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted in the ‘Best Software Category’ in the ITSPA Awards, 2020. Our developers and tech team have been hard at work, producing one of the most innovative VoIP phone systems on the market. We’re over the moon to have once again, received outside recognition for our efforts. […]

10 Tips on Wellbeing and Productivity While Remote Working

With many companies facing the issue of operating their business from home, it comes with a host of problems; most notably how staff manage with the change. Our mental health has become a high priority since the dawn of the digital age, and as we enter an extended period of isolation, we must learn the tools […]

The Most Important Tips for Managing Staff Remotely With VoIP

With the global breakout of the coronavirus (COVID-19), employers are facing the reality of declaring a ‘work from home’ mandate to their staff. For companies and departments who take substantial amounts of inbound calls, we wish to guide you on how to cope with call forwarding your office landline to a home phone number while […]

The VoIP System She Tells You Not To Worry About: 5 Reasons To Dump Hosted For byphone

I’ve seen you looking at me. Who couldn’t? With innovative reporting analytics, connections hosted across multiple servers and a customisable UI, it’s hard not to think you got the short end of the straw at VoIP speed dating. With nearly every company, albeit too soon, getting hitched with a VoIP communications system, we’re here to […]

byphone finalists at UK’s most trusted Comms National Awards

After a record-breaking year both in sales and recognition, in just 20 short months since its UK launch, byphone are finalists at the well sought-after Comms National Awards. The ease of use VoIP platform has been shortlisted as finalists for not 1, but 3 awards. Challenging global leaders in its field, byphone has proved to […]