byphone and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

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We’re always looking for ways to make byphone better, not only have we been making improvements and fixing bugs we have also been working on how our software integrates with the systems that matter most to you.

With byphone, integration with Microsoft Dynamics is easier than ever. This integration gives you a range of services allowing you to integrate your phone system with your CRM and even provide call centre functionality if required.

By combining byphone’s call quality, and ease of use with Microsoft suite of CRM tools you can unlock a range of new features. Here are some of our favourites:

Inbound Calls
CRM page pop on inbound calls. You can set the system to log the call within your CRM system including any notes from the call.

Outbound Calls
Simply click on the customer record within the CRM system to place a call.

Power Dialler
Transform your sales by creating a campaign against your leads or accounts within your Dynamics account. Set the call frequency and the dialler will do the rest. Popping the customer record for each call so that you can update any fields required.

You can run reporting within the CRM system or the call records will be available within the byphone system.

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