Why Choose a Hosted Phone System for Your Small Business?

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A hosted phone system might not be at the top of your priority list, but given that most company’s primary source of communication is over the phone, the cost of a poor phone system on your business might be more than you thought. You need to have a clear and readily available channel of communication to allow your customers to get in touch, and create a smooth flow of communication internally. Big businesses have the resources to employ designated call teams and sophisticated call management systems, meaning they’re generally contactable 24/7 – but this isn’t always an option for smaller businesses with more limited staffing.

Manage Communications Better in the Cloud

We offer a flexible and easy to use system that will completely change how you communicate. Small businesses rely on close communication, not just with their small group of customers, but also with their finite workforce. We all know the feeling of working under pressure; working under pressure while disorganised can be the final nail on the communications coffin for your customer. That’s why, it’s no longer necessary to have an operational phone system, but a platform that allows your small business to manage calls & assess data. But what if you’re not looking all the bells and whistles?  We offer our product in multiple versions that can cater to the 1 man bands, right up to 100+ employee fortune 500 companies; it’s all about what you want from the platform. For companies with few members of staff, their priorities may be focused on a well set up IVR whereas a large company may see real benefit in complex call flows in order to reduce ring time; different strokes for different folks. 

People buy people first. We understand that you are the heart of your business, but you can’t always pick up the phone. No one wants to talk to a machine, which is why we enable you to customise your voicemail by simply recording and uploading an mp3, giving your phone system a more personal touch. 


Always Have Your Hosted Phone System Mobile  

Networking is an essential part of generating business in an SME, which means you can’t always be glued to your desk. When out of the office, simply connect your mobile device to the platform, reroute your DDI to the chosen device and you are now contactable wherever and whenever. Furthermore, when making outbound calls, the receiver will only view the company number attached to your device rather than your personal number For managers and directors who are constantly on the move, our system gives them the power of ‘setting up shop’ wherever they please; as long as there is steady internet connection, you’re good to go! However, for those manic folk with multiple devices, you can connect all of them to the platform and have them ring simultaneously.


Customer Service is Everything

Given that 80% of a businesses profits are generated by 20% of returning customers, keeping customers satisfied is integral to your businesses success. But just how do you deliver?Problems arise in business, it’s human nature. But having an open and clear channel of communication between you and your customer makes the process of addressing these issues a whole lot simpler. What are the standard protocols set in place to ensure customers are being heard even when you are not able to reach them? Setting up a well-thought-out IVR can minimise response times and ensure your customer doesn’t grow frustrated with unanswered requests.

Your phone system’s call flow is also important. For members of staff who work part-time or are frequently out of office, their calls need to be managed in their absence. Redirecting call flows to from ring groups of unavailable employees to available employees will dramatically reduce missed calls and keep your customer service at an optimal level. More intelligent call flows through your company can connect your customer with the right person, which leaves them feeling less frustrated and more valued – making them more likely to return to do business with you.

Getting the Message, Loud and Clear

With the myriad of features that phones offer these days, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the actual quality of a call. A phone system’s most fundamental function is to send and receive messages, a high quality connection and clear sound quality is therefore essential in allowing the flow of communication both to and through your business. Without a solid internet connection, the loss of data packets becomes quite significant resulting in a poor quality call. Even browsing popular streaming sites such as YouTube can seriously affect the stability of a network. Streaming services adopt a strategy of throttling your network during the buffering stage to get the most out of the connection, leaving very little data to manage voice effectively. Thankfully, using the right tools such as our router, byroute, we can create two paths on your network: one for voice and one for data. What this results in, is a network, evenly separated to protect the integrity of voice. Using Layer 3 switches, your network is never throttled by services online and constantly maintains a healthy flow of connectivity to your voice channel.


At Byphone, our products and services have been developed with these needs in mind. We realise that an easy to use and effective phone system empowers the individuals within a business to better manage their workload and interaction with colleagues, which aids the flow of communication, ideas and inspiration – ultimately enabling your business to grow. Want to find out more about our smartphone systems could improve your business? Get in touch.

Managers are the lifeblood of a business. These are the people who inspire and implement change. We wanted to give them the tools to operate both their company’s communications, but also their staff. But just how could we do this?

Data & Analytics

We wanted to help management improve the efficiency and overall customer experience of the business by providing crucial insights into how they were communicating, and how they could do it better. Managers need access t0 powerful call data tools to assess how many calls were being made by individuals and how many calls were being missed. But tools like this are often very costly. Therefore, we integrated access to call data and executive analytic tools within our systems, creating a valuable and competitive package for our channel partners to offer.  Managers simply log into our system, locate the call reporting tool and in an instant, endless call data is provided from every facet of the business. Valuable insights are provided at the moment they are recorded, presented in an easy-to-understand bar graph and can be used at will to improve a company’s communications. 

3. Users

The end-users are arguably the most important people to consider when designing a product. Although we’ve created a product that is easy to configure and provides powerful management and analytic tools, if it’s complicated to use and non-user-friendly, we’ve failed. We wanted to make communicating with their customers effortless. But how could we achieve this? We started by looking at how each person within a company uses their phone; from the receptionist to the engineers. We wanted to empower users to have more control and efficiency in how they did their jobs. Providing a simple ‘one-click-to-dial’ function, users avoided the unnecessary task of manually dialling numbers and could simply click the number via their browser or from their companies contact list on our system. If the user was making a call internally, they simply had checked who was available and click ‘call’. Simple.

The Options

Once we had created a product that met the needs of the three core groups in a business, we now needed to examine our customer proposition to provide our partners with a product to secure business. However, what product would suit their needs? A phone system with all the bells and whistles? Or, a simple setup that does what you needs to do? We went for the latter. Why? we wanted to increase our partner’s rate of sale, by providing them with a product they could sell more of, at a faster rate. Many businesses don’t operate at the type of tech comprehension of a silicon valley company, they’re much more straightforward than that. A lot of its employees will not be technology-driven and may even grow apprehensive at the thought of understanding new software. It’s important that when tools such as these are introduced to the business, that staff can grasp the functionalities quickly and easily. How staff use the platform entirely depends upon the company’s requirements, that’s why we created two versions of our software.

byphone Lite

Only pay for the features you need. No IVR? Then don’t pay. Don’t need voicemail? We won’t add it on. You build the system based on the functionalities of the company’s communications. For businesses with a small workforce, call reporting won’t be a necessity. What is important to them is an easy to use, cost-efficient cloud-based phone solution; that’s what they get.

byphone Enterprise

This is where the real magic happens. Our whole suite of features comes as standard; all call reporting, data and analytics included. If a business wants to improve efficiency, this is the solution for them. Guage the output of your workforce, how many calls your business is missing and most importantly, at what times. Enterprise provided seasoned players with an established platform to take their communications to the next level and turn near-misses into hits. 

 Now we had the right software and commercial offering, it was time to start thinking outside the box. Voice is the most important component of our system, and to protect its integrity, we need to ensure that it cannot be affected by surges of data on the network. It became apparent that voice had to have a separate WAN on the network. Introducing, byroute. 


It became evident, that to protect voice, you had to protect the network it passed through. byroute is software created entirely around the protection of voice on a network. Many times, routers will allow a network to be throttled by websites fighting for the biggest share of data on your network. Most notably, streaming sites such as YouTube are notorious for throttling a network during streaming, leaving other applications fighting for data. As voice is the most sensitive component on cloud telephony, having it operate on a separate WAN, mitigating the stress your network is under could result in a clear and clean connection, every time. 

Our byroute system only works with high-speed commercial lines, providing separation in data and voice using layer 3 switches. We supply four models, depending on the number of ports required and the number of users on the system; all routers are configured to run two circuits: one for voice and one for data. For larger companies making many outbound calls (recruitment agencies, telemarketers), we’ve provided the perfect solution to protecting voice on a stressed network.

Pitching byroute

When talking to a business, become an advisor rather than a salesperson. When competitors are focusing on selling a phone system, our partners are engaged in a conversation to ensure their network is up to the job, providing technical knowledge and credibility, unlike any other business.

Our partners connect the byroute router & software to their client’s network, and instantly, can separate a WAN for voice, while assessing the activity of their network and where it has spiked. In the instance of reoccurring spikes, partners can detail to their customers what user (device) connected to the router was causing the stress on the network. If necessary, devices such as mobiles can be removed from the network, leaving only the essential devices linked to the network. Leave it for a few days, allowing them to return and collect and discuss the results. Customers can now feel reassured that byphone will be working at optimum efficiency with voice being strongly protected on their network. 

hosted telephone system voip partner programme

Going The Extra Mile – Marketing, Sales & Technical Support

Informed Selling

We understand that many of our partners are busy running their own business, managing staff and promoting other services. We can’t expect those partners to be as knowledgable about the product as we are, thus, we support their salesforce wherever we can. Having a problem articulating a certain feature or benefit? Brush up on your knowledge with our marketing collateral via our partner newsletter and sales workshops. We can provide telesales resources to our partners, with their given GDPR permissions. Furthermore, we can make the call as the partner and book an appointment for them to go out and sell.

Providing Marketing Collateral

Interested to learn more about the product? Our byphone blog provides multiple articles including product guides, VoIP know-how and reasons to switch to a hosted phone system. Partners are encouraged to access this collateral as much as they want to top up their knowledge and gain insight into a different sales and marketing position. However, using this content and rewording it to fit your company’s tone of voice (do not copy & paste!) can be valuable in providing information to existing customers who frequently access your website or social pages. Sometimes, a new pitch is all you need to transform your sales ROI.

Guided Pitches

Not sure how to pitch the product? We’ll attend customer sites and present byphone on our partners’ behalf. This can initially be to help partners train, or as on-going support to help them secure business. Our expert knowledge in the telecoms market is inforced by our wealth of experienced business development managers. The major benefit lies in our plethora of partners and the industries they operate in. We understand that a pitch to a business within hospitality will be completely different from that in telesales, and thus, we approach our positioning as such. Pitching to countless companies from various industries has resulted in a tailored approach, specific to the background of the business. Furthermore,  partners can gain valuable insight into how to position a pitch to their customers, resulting in a higher close rate. It’s all about knowing your customer and their needs, we do not adopt a blanket approach. 

Technical Support

Our expert technical team is always at hand to help with any issue or query relating to the problem. Our help desk caters for round-the-clock issues, and because our engineers and developers are in-house, you’ll never be left waiting for a third-party response. Better yet, any bugs or problems that occur with the software are immediately addressed at our HQ in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Your ticket is raised to the help desk who will deal with the issue and if necessary, can relay any further information on to your account manager. We pride ourselves on not only providing a holistic hosted communications solution but also, dealing with issues and queries in a unified manner. We don’t like to share; our problems are dealt with by our technical teams and no one else.

The ‘Everything’ VoIP Partner Programme

It’s no longer enough to simply provide a hosted phone solution and expect our partners to sell at will. We understand that business is a lot more complicated than that; things always get in the way. That’s why we pride ourselves on offering a holistic partner programme, where we not only provide you with an innovative VoIP phone system but provide the sales & marketing training to give you the best chance of selling the product to your customers. Furthermore, we want to see how you’re doing along the way. Is there something we could help with? Are you having problems pitching a specific feature or benefit to a client? Or, is there a technical issue that our in-house tech team can help with? We’re here for you through every step of the journey.

We’re currently partnering with IT and Telecoms businesses throughout the UK. Interested? Then we’d love to sit down over a coffee with you and see if our businesses can work together.

Want to find out more? Visit us here.

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