Time Sensitivity & Running Voice on a Network – How Does It Work?

As data passes through the internet, one piece of information is particularly challenging to manage; voice. Part of its sensitivity comes from the timeliness of the data. Once a packet of data is delayed by over 50ms, then it is useless to a call and needs to get dropped. Often a packet can arrive late […]

The Reason Your VoIP Service Sucks – Why is my VoIP not delivering?

At the heart of an excellent VoIP service is an excellent connection to the Internet. But what does a good internet connection look like? Is it a download speed? An upload speed? A connection ratio at the DSLAM? In saying “connection to the Internet,” we aren’t just referring to your internal network, router and switches […]

Call Quality: How to Mathematically Score!

By comparing sound files, we can generate a mathematical score to determine call quality. The Problem As a service provider, we needed to understand service availability across our suite of Data Centres. We also needed to understand the quality of the broadband connection that our customers had. Scheduling a series of automatic calls was the easy bit. […]