How is Hosted Telephony changing businesses?

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We’ve all heard the jargon on the benefits of moving your company’s phone system to the hosted world, but how is this impacting the business? First of all, don’t be baffled by “you can now have an IVR, follow me and call recording” – to name a few features commonly associated with hosted telephony (VoIP). Believe it or not, many of the features available in a hosted telephone system are readily available in the traditional world too.

So why would you change to hosted telephony?

We believe there are two key factors:

1.      Business Efficiency:

Every business owner wants efficiency, and this is where hosted telephony can help. Data and insights into your business give you accurate visibility; you will now know where and how to make changes to help your company.

Do we have day and night call routes? Are only individual members of staff making outbound calls? How many missed calls do you have? These are all questions most businesses don’t know the answer too, yet this could be some of the most valuable data to improve their business.

byphone’s platform gives businesses simple insights, presented in an easy to read manner. Therefore, showing where the key areas of improvement are, and most importantly, you don’t need a degree in telephony to get the data. Anyone with basic computer knowledge will find their way around with ease.

Within weeks, businesses now know how many staff members they need at what times of the day, who their star performers are answering the phone, and many more fundamental insights.byphone ball statistics hosted telephony

byphone’s call statistics breakdown

2.      Customer Experience:

Do we want an IVR or should a human answer the phone? We all have our own opinions. But really, it’s only our customer’s opinions that truly matter. Once we have our data from above, how can we improve our customers experience when calling our businesses?

Most businesses have a phone number, and when a customer calls, certain phones in the office ring. However, now they have data on their call patterns, they may set time conditions for specific periods for more phones to ring, or pre-set their Christmas message which works every year automatically. Still, they can only make these changes when they have insights.

Hosted Is Changing Business Infographic

What happens when you miss a call?

Well, we should never miss calls. byphone will allow you to have multiple inbound call routes to ensure your customers always get through promptly.

byphone’s simple call flow gives end users a clear understanding of how their customer’s journey looks when calling their company, but most importantly, where to make changes to improve it.

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